Day 11

Nine o’clock was our designated time of departure. We ate, packed and loaded into the bus. Our tailored clothes had arrived during the evening while at dinner. All ready to go, we piled into another bus and headed back up to Da Nang.

We got off at Da Nang station. As per usual, with the trains running on Vietnam time our train was late, so we were sitting around in the station for about an hour. I passed the time by looking through the attached souvenir and food store, getting a few snacks for the day trip to Nha Trang. I also amused myself watching Looper bring played on one of the screens, on mute and with Vietnamese subtitles.

The train was meant to take about 8 hours to get to Nha Trang. I think it ended up taking about 9 or 10. But that’s about standard, I’ve learnt.

Arriving in Nha Trang, we quickly got onto yet another bus, and rode off to our hotel. We arrived around about 9:30pm, but our tour guide still thought it’d be a good idea to have dinner. After checking in we headed out to a nearby restaurant called Lanterns. The food there was pretty good (I had the Simmering Pork in a Clay Pot), though I think many of us ate far too much.

Bed wasn’t far away, and after a day of not much, sleep was very welcome.