Day 10

We actually got a chance to sleep in today! We only had to be ready to go by 8.30. After another nice breakfast at the villa we were off on our feet again, but not for long. About five minutes down the road we jumped into bicycles - the old school, single gear beachcomber style things, which are apparently popular in the Hoi An area.

We rode off into town, but this was only a means to an end, as fairly soon we were out in the slightly less busy countryside. Now, I say less busy but we still had scooters passing us in all directions, including on roads you might be forgiven for mistaking as footpaths.

Along the way we had a close up look and rice in the fields (I for one have never seen rice growing before), also how they grow and water lemongrass and other herbs, which involved two buckets that they hung on either end of a stick, which went across their shoulders.

The majority of the bike ride ended with a boat ride. My partner prides herself on what she calls “real-world tetris”, or effectively packing many things into a small space. She has nothing on the Vietnamese people. In this instance, they packed about 16 bikes into a space of about a square metre at the back of this boat.

Going down the river we had some photo opportunities as we passed some fishermen casting out their nets, and various other river life. At the other end we unpacked or bikes. We were back in the old quarter of Hoi An, and it was almost time for lunch.

We all headed to Cargo , another restaurant owned by the same people as Morning Glory. Here we were to order lunch for the following day, when we would be on a day train to Nha Trang. The group soon dispersed, leaving just a few of us hungry enough to stay and try the food at Cargo.

For lunch this time, we ate western food. I’ve got to say, the Vietnamese can make a damn good cheese burger - better than any I’ve had in Australia so far!

This being our last day in Hoi An, we left the restaurant with every intention of visiting some of the temples around the place. But first we had fittings to do.

My clothes were practically finished at Yaly. Fit was great, especially the pants (or so I have been told). My travel partners, having gotten some stuff from Blue Eyes as well, weren’t having so much luck. They would have to come back in another couple of hours. I paid for mine and was informed that it would be delivered to our accommodation, after going through quality assurance checking.

We headed back in the direction of our lodgings, but stopped short. The girls decided that it was high-time for a massage, and that I was in dire need of a pedicure. And a shave. In retrospect, they were right… On the pedicure at least.

I didn’t lose all my beard, all I needed was a trim to keep the shape and tidy everything up. The massage was very relaxing, though I could probably have gone for longer. The pedicure was probably the most necessary thing at the time - my toenails were getting longer than some girls fingernails, and to make matters worse I’d stubbed my big toe earlier in the trip, which had bent the toenail back and torn it as well, to accommodate the bend. I also had my calluses removed from my feet - now I’ve got to build them up again for dancing!

I made my way back the homestay, while the girls went back into town for their fittings. I whiled away the time before dinner by initially cooling off in the air conditioned bedroom, before going outside to enjoy the farmside view from the eating area of the villa. Others from the tour group slowly joined me and we had a chat over drinks until finally the girls got back from their fittings, just in time for dinner.

Dinner this evening we would be eating local. Not with a family this time, but at a local restaurant. This is not one that would be easy to find just wandering around, as it was well off the beaten track. The good news was that it was full of Vietnamese - it had to be good!

And good it was. In true Vietnamese fashion they served us 4-5 courses, which hit the spot. The only problem we had was that the fish and chicken dishes came with bones, so we had to be careful with those, but otherwise the flavours were amazing. It makes me wonder if the restaurants in town tone down the flavour of their dishes for westerners.

From there it was a long walk home, and an early night for all. Our last night in Hoi An, making the most of the sleeping time available to us!