Day 8

The next morning was another early morning - on a bus by 8:30! This was not to be our bus to the next destination, however, only to the next bus. The next bus would take us, eventually, to Hoi An.

On the way we stopped a a rather tourist friendly bus stop. less like a bus stop to pick people up from, but more like a truck stop but for buses full of tourists, given the amount of souvenirs there. We had a little bit of time here, while the bus driver had breakfast and our tour guide had lunch.

Back on the road we had a few exciting moments, such as taking a sharp corner on a steep road and finding a well-loaded lorry using our side of the road to make the turn. There were also plenty of scooters making the trip over the hills. We stopped at a dry of shops up on the hills, at which time the rain had become torrential. A few people got off, but soon came back needing a change of clothes.

After a while we arrived in Da Nang, but we were not stopping here; not today. But while we were pushing through, we did get to see a couple of awesome bridges - one with two heads and the body of a dragon, and the other was something like the Leaning tower of Pisa crossed with a suspension bridge.

Not long after we left Da Nang were we in Hoi An, our desire destination. We switched to taxis, as there were some places the bus couldn’t take us, namely across the bridge to our accommodations. We all checked in, got comfy in our rooms, and walked into the Old Quarter for lunch.

We ate at Lantern Town, which would also be our meeting place for a couple of activities. If you’re ever in Hoi An and are worried about the safety of the food, this one is at least safe (they use a water filtration system), however the flavours were also on the safe side.

After lunch we had a tour around the Old Quarter, visiting an old Japanese bridge with an old worshipping altar. Back down the road were a fair few more restaurants, and then we found ourselves in quality tailoring central. Between Yaly and Blue Eyes on Nguyen Duy Hieu St, you could fill your wardrobe with all forms of fine clothing under the sun, and at a very affordable price. I started getting fired for a jacket, and ended up getting a full, head-to-toe casual ensemble (including the shoes and a belt). All I needed now was a Rolex and a cigar!

The tailoring took quite a long time, and I had at least two other people’s opinions on colours, although I kept the choice of lining to myself. We were buying from Yaly, though later on we had a look in Blue Eyes, and I was dismayed to find that Blue Eyes had even better material that I would have chosen for my jacket lining. If only I’d had more money, I might have gotten another jacket.

Soon enough it was dinner time, and we met up with the others outside Lantern Town once more, before going to our dinner destination. My apologies but I can’t remember quite what it was called, but it was right by river, in a corner location.