For those of you wondering why I broke the run down to a quick walk today, here’s why.

When you walk normally, you’re in a low-energy, easily sustainable state. If you want to go faster, you can walk faster and faster and faster but at some point, you can’t walk any faster, you have to run. If you’ve tried this, you will notice that it is far easier to run than to walk very quickly.

This is a matter of efficiency in the body. When you are walking quickly, you are using some of the same muscles as when running, except you are using them for longer periods of time in your stride than when running. You might have and explosive push at the end of your stride when running, but overall the muscles are using less energy to propel you faster.

So the logic that I’m working off is, making a conscious effort to walk very quickly I’m tiring my muscles out more, using up more energy and (ideally) burning off that fat.

And tell you what, I definitely felt the burn a whole lot more today.