Today is getting to be a busy day. Have been finishing off one of our projects in the office, and also been in a Skype interview for a new job when I move. I’m also looking at updating the look of the website!

I’ve so far tried to make the blog easy to read by lowering contrast and harsh light conditions (hence the sepia tone with the paper texture background), I’ve also taken some suggestions from workmates with regards to style - line height, text colour (not completely black is apparently better), etc. I’m starting to feel that the site actually looks a bit drab, and while readability is important, looking interesting (instead of boring) is also important!

What I’m likely to do is go back to the standard white page, with some additions like a prettier header, perhaps a picture of myself… If you like that sort of thing. Actually, by the time you read this, some of these changes may already be in place. What’s most important, however is the user experience… As in, how do you like to look at my site? is there anything that could be better about it? What’s something you don’t like about it? Most people should be getting this link via twitter/facebook, so hopefully you have some way to contact me if you have some input.

That… yep, that about does it from me for today.