So I’ve been making these blog posts almost every day now, albeit for less than a week. And so far, I’ve been blogging about things almost as I start them/as I do them, or at least as I think of them as a topic I can cover. Today is a status update… So, as far as this blog is concerned, pretty much standard fare.

Today is washing day. I am wearing my last clean set of underwear (eww, TMI, yea I know). Everything else (EVERYTHING) that has been made dirty is now in the wash. This is slowly becoming a greater and greater percentage of my total set of clothes, as I have thrown out (into the clothing bins, of course) at least half of my clothes. As a whole lot still need to be washed, they have yet to be culled (taking dirty clothes to the clothing bins is totally yucky).

I have now discarded all of my old underwear, am down to one hoodie. Two pairs of jeans seems like enough, and only a few pairs of shorts are left - I would go down to one or two pairs of shorts, but currently the other pairs I have serve their own express purposes. I have also discarded a whole lot of unmatching socks, even some matching ones, as I don’t need that many. Singlets? All but a few gone. T-shirts? Ahh… yea. This is where it gets hairy. I’m not actually sure how many I should be binning or keeping. So far I’ve gotten rid of all the t-shirts that were stiff/rough, aging and generally not all that great. Of course that means I’ve been keeping a whole lot of light, soft, thin t-shirts, which are generally newer.

All said, I see my self in less and less need for a set of drawers, other than to prop some things on top of. After the washing comes in off the line, I’ll be going through another t-shirt cull. I’ve only got about 4-5 towels now, so will keep them until I leave.

It’s not just clothes

I’ve already gotten rid of my XBOX360 and all my console games. That said, I traded them in for store credit, then got myself a Nintendo 3DS (I guess I’m still a consumer at heart?), but at least that won’t weigh much in my luggage. If I don’t get to it tonight, I’ll be cleaning out my bed-side table and other areas full of nick-nacks. I’ll probably end up tossing a whole lot of bedding (there’s only one set that I like anyway). Soon enough I won’t have anything except what I intend to take overseas, and that will be awesome.

Routine by necessity

What’s starting to happen now is I’m building routine by creating necessity. I have less clothes - wash clothes more often. It may not be necessary for me to get fitter, but I find it necessary enough that I am making a routine of getting up early in the morning and running - and that’s a compound routine; Why get up early in the morning? So that I can get into the office early. Why get into the office early? To get into a productive mode for the day. Why get into a productive mode? Perhaps so I don’t get fired…?

I think I only have one good example in here, however it comes back to what I’ve said before on building good habits and becoming more productive. Or more alert. Or more or whatever you are focussing on improving.

Other particulars

I am reasonably well aware that many of my readers (ie, 5+) are not technical people. However, I’m considering beginning technical posts; partly because it more reflects what I do for a living, and partly because I want to drive myself to be better, perhaps in a trial-by-fire manner. Might it be worth me attempting to make these accessible to my non-technical readers, or should I allow things to go over their heads? I’d like to lead people to understand what it is we do in the technical space, but on the other hand I’m also acutely aware that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing (so is a lot - zing!). These are just my musings, and I may not end up putting these technical posts here. Or maybe I will. Who knows.