Ha. You all think you know how to get out of bed. But I doubt any of you get up and sing, “Good Morning Baltimore!Wellington!” I personally don’t, as my flatmates wouldn’t be overly appreciative. But given that I have started to get up early, and started running shortly after waking, I like to think that I’m doing better than those of you who turn off your alarm and go back to sleep.

I woke up this morning at 5:30. I didn’t go back to sleep, however I did rest a little longer, but before long I was out of bed, into my stinky running gear, and out the door. 5:30 happens to be a great time to go running in stinky running gear, as no-one else is around to smell you. It’s also refreshing in the morning, not to be running in the burning light from the sun, but the dark just before dawn. If you’re lucky you might even watch the sun rise… And get to enjoy it. And that’s one of the great things I think many people forget about life - it should be enjoyed.

The Pain, Oh The Pain

Having started back on running, I’m having to reacclimatise to one simple truth: no pain, no gain. Pain is your friend, and you will learn to like it. But seriously, I’ve started to remember how, even it seems perverse, I’ve loved to experience the ache and pain of muscles as they are pushed to limits, lactic acid forming… It’s how I know that I’m pushing myself properly. I’m a bit naughty, too - I don’t stretch after a run. Well, many people will think this is bad and not to listen to what I say… But after a while, legs get used to it, and suddenly it doesn’t hurt constantly.

Pain can be a motivator. You’ve got to work through the pain before you can come out on top. So many people want an easy way out. I’m running for fitness and weightloss - I’d love to have some abs. In fact, I might very well have abs, they’re just covered in layers of fat.

But What About Bed?

Of course, for most people, pain is more of a motivator to get into bed, not get out of bed! In which case, you should have a goal. In order to achieve that goal, you need to get up early in the morning, and you need to love what you do. Or love the end-goal. If you don’t really want to achieve something, you’ll just stay in bed. And of course goals will change.

So what gets you out of bed every morning?