Well look at that, I’m in later than yesterday, yet I’m still in before all of my workmates. Time for some more writing!

I am preparing for a big move. I’m moving overseas. Wow, that’s thrilling just thinking of it! If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got lots of stuff lying around, some things with sentimental value, somethings you just think might come in handy some day. (Then there’s the rubbish you still haven’t put out from last week? No? Nobody? Oh…) And if you’re anything like me, you dread having to tidy up or move house, even though once in the middle of it it feels great, and is cathartic. AND when you’re not in a tidy space, you might find yourself in a disarray of sorts? A clean room is a clean mind… Or something like that. So when I want to talk about minimalism, I want to think of it from two angles: impermanence and maintenance.


As I said earlier, I am intending on moving to another country. Isn’t it exciting! Most people find themselves dealing with one problem or another, be it moving their pets, their priceless vase or other ornamental possessions. I, on the other hand, am just trying to get rid of almost all my things. My aim: everything I own can fit into a big camping pack + a backpack. Maybe just a medium camping pack.

This means I am getting rid of most things that might make my life easier - furniture, spare cables, game consoles (ok sometimes these make my life harder), even clothes. Anything that fills out a bedroom… gone. Or at least, will be gone.

Gaming - I like gaming. I would say I love gaming, but evidence (ie I find it hard to find time to play games) proves contrary. But I’m getting rid of my consoles! Oh well, I have a good laptop (Retina MacBook Pro) for games, and although it might not run Crysis 3 overly well… The amount of fucks I can give to that is extremely low.

Further to all this, I intend to travel further beyond my initial destination - there will just be a bit of a wait between my arrival and my departure.

Now, actually, I am cheating a little bit. All my books have gone to my father’s house. I should have sent my guitar with them (he picked the books up), as I’m not really going to play that before I go. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my DVDs - keep (with parents) or sell? It is a cheat to store things with parents or friends, but if I ever come back, I may want these things.

Being able to pack a bag or two and leave without evidence (other than transactions) to show you’ve been there.. That’s an amazing concept to me. I mentioned getting rid of clothes. Of the clothes you do have, if something is torn, you can easily toss and replace, or if you’re more inclined you can just as easily mend - although the materials for mending will need to be sourced.

Having minimalised you possessions, you also make it much easier to both list your possessions, and be enable yourself to say “yes, that’s my t-shirt”. In fact, I should start making a list of possessions I want/need fo travel.

You will also gain the ability to rethink purchases. When you have to fit all your stuff in a pack or two, suddenly you have to consider, “will this fit in my pack?”. Or, if you’re staying a while, “will this bring enough confort/enjoyment to my time here, and will I be able to recover the costs afterwards?”

In the end, when aiming for impermanence, I’m looking to be able to pack up and leave a place as if I was never there.


Do you have any idea how much easier it is to clean a room when all that’s in it is just a bed and a chest of drawers? Just a bed? Nothing? It’s so stupidly easy, I could do it. And be happy with it.


  • Form a good habit of considering your next purchase’s place in your pack.
  • Get rid of most of your shit.
  • You probably don’t need that.
  • Nor that.
  • You DEFINITELY don’t need that.